World in 2050 will convene a special reception to officially announce the call for nominations for the 2050 Global Innovation Challenge. The competition, which runs from January to May, recognizes and celebrates the best startups, research, ideas, inventions, and organizations tackling our world’s most complex problems in seven categories. Each of the seven clusters represents major trends that will be transformative for our long-term future.

1. The Future of Society
2. The Future of Humanity
3. The Future of Health & Well-being
4. The Future of Energy
5. The Future of Travel
6. The Future of Off-World Civilizations
7. Artistic Visions of the Future  

Join members of our selection committee and partners, including decision-makers and experts across the corporate investment and innovation spectrum, industry leaders, and policy advisors, who are leading the future from the intersection of the arts, sciences, technology, and more.

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Event Info

Meet with Learning Economy’s founding team, advisors & special guests, and leave inspired to change the world (guaranteed).

21 January 2020
5:00 - 6:00 PM CET

Davos, Switzerland
ETH Pavilion (Hockey Club Davos, near the Valiant Arena) Talstrasse 41, 7270, Davos Platz

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  • Presentation of the World in 2050 and the Olympics of Innovation.

  • Introduction of Steering Committee Members and official launch of the call for applications.

  • Reception and celebration!


  • Jan 21: Application period opens.

  • May 1: Application period closes.

  • May 1 - Jun 1: Voting & selection process.

  • Jun 1 - Jul 31: Private announcement to winners.

  • Aug 27: Worldwide press announcement.

  • Aug 29 - Sept 1: Celebration and World in 2050 Retreat at Salzburg Global Seminar with the winners, partners, and selection committee.


Ana C. Rold (Host)

Host & Founder, World in 2050 | CEO & Publisher, Diplomatic Courier

Shalini Trefzer

Executive Director, World in 2050 | Senior Contributing Editor, Diplomatic Courier

Garif Yalak

Head of Digital Transformation Healthcare & Education, CDA at Cisco Switzerland | Member of the Selection Committee

Asmaa Al-Fadala

Head of Research, WISE & Member of the Selection Committee

Jürg Brunnschweiler

Chief of Staff to the President of ETH Zurich, Head of the Office of the President and Director ETH Global

Jacksón Smith

CTO & Co-Founder, WeLibrary | Chief Technology Officer of Learning Economy

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