Based out of Austria, Polycular is a design studio that explores how interactive technology and virtual experiences can allow us to develop deeper connections with the real world. Recipients of dozens of accolades, including the Umdasch Prize for Learning and Education, the Salzburg Marketing Award, the Sustainable Entrepreneurship Award, and the World Summit Award for Education, their work spans multiple genres. While they focus on apps and games, they also regularly create interactive advertisement experiences and work closely with cities to deliver digital tourism solutions.

Polycular often attempts to tackle philosophical questions with virtual reality and 3D designs. Morbus Genesis displays everyday objects growing, aging, and eventually decaying as if they were alive,reminding the user of their own mortality and providing a new perspective on consumption and grief. Much of Polycular’s work focuses on promoting sustainable designs and lifestyles. One of their projects attempts to reimagine the hit 90s toy Tamagotchi through an app in which players take care of an EgoGotchi– a creature that is fed by CO2 saved by making environmentally-friendly choices like riding trains or purchasing biodegradable products. A version aimed at children, EcoGotchi Junior, seeks to teach the merits of a sustainable lifestyle in the form of an informational mixed reality game.